Join “The Raid.” A WoW Documentary

Build for your team a feeling of oneness, of dependence on one another and of strength to be derived by unity. –Vince Lombardi

It’s been a difficult week of raiding so I thought I’d post a little feel-good piece.  My first few posts on boss tactics aren’t quite ready yet (it turns out it’s difficult to explain things without pictures and I need more pictures!).

I recently came across an interesting project that has been backed by Tankspot and got some publicity out there in shoutcast/podcast space on Blue Plz!  A New York film-maker by the name of Kevin Michael Johnson is directing a short documentary on social gaming, WoW, and its culture. For those of us that put a significant amount of our free time into WoW, the theme of this film really hit home.

From The Raid:

Raiding and, more generally, social gaming is something that has become more and more popular over the past couple years.  Everything from WoW’s explosion on the gaming scene to the emergence of browser games like Farmville on Facebook shows that this type of entertainment is something people are really interested in.

What I hope The Raid project eventually manages to accomplish is a film that raiders can show to those outside of the gaming community what actually goes into being in a guild, raiding, and how important it is to those that do it.  You wouldn’t question someone if they need to make it to the softball field every Saturday, Tuesday, and Thursday at 7 for the local rec league, so why for raiding?

“It’s just pixels! Why would you spend so much time for nothing!” Well, the two WPAHL Championship Trophies in a box in my closet mean about the same thing as the screenshots of boss kills I’ve kept from over the years.  They are both something I can pull out and think back to what happened when I got them.  Who scored the over time game winner?  Who was left standing when the boss finally fell over?  The goal I scored in game 1. The legendary that I finally got crafted.  I have incredibly fond memories of all of these accomplishments.

They were real experiences with real people (coincidentally, both were followed by weekends of partying!).

Personally, over the course of nearly 4 years playing in one guild, I can say that I’ve made friends and met people from a wide range of ages and interests.  Some hate sports, some love them.  Some work in a cubicle, others work digging ditches, and some don’t work at all (lazy college kids!).

Kevin Michael Johnson’s goal for this project is to get it out there to people that aren’t involved with raiding this understanding of online gaming as a real community.  I would encourage anyone reading to head over to his page at Kickstarter and donate to the project even as little as $5 (if the full total isn’t realized, you’re cash is refunded) to help finish off this documentary.

When it is complete I’ll be sure to post links and let everyone know so that you can do something more than just donating to get the film made, and that’s helping to get the word out.  Without the support of those in the raiding community The Raid will be little more than a sermon to an already captive choir.


3 Responses to Join “The Raid.” A WoW Documentary

  1. borsk says:

    Apologies ahead of time if the youtubes aren’t working, I can’t verify them at the moment.

    Search youtube for “The Raid” if you’re extra curious.

  2. Rynor says:

    Maybe one day, saying “I play World of Warcraft” won’t have to me immediately followed by “Oh…..” + awkward silence, like you just announced you’re a freakin leper.

  3. […] detailed the origins and goals of this project in a prior post, so I won’t rehash it all. For more information, visit or Below […]

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