Icecrown 10 (Kinda) Hard Modes: Round 1

The difference between a man and a boy is: a boy wants to grow up to be a fireman, but a man wants to grow up to be a giant monster fireman.–Jack Handy

Our 10 man finally got back together after our initial hard mode debacle, and started working on hard modes. The plan going in was to knock out all but the end wing bosses at the least. We ended up killing 8 hard modes, but it wasn’t exactly the eight we had planned on going in.

World of Logs Night 1

World of Logs Night 2

Tuning Fork

Out of all the wings, the mostly oddly tuned was Crimson Halls. It just seemed completely backward as far as what should and shouldn’t be hard.

Blood Prince council introduced several new mechanics that had to be dealt with:

  • Shadow Prison: Reverse Hodir. Every second of movement applies a dot that ticks for 500 shadow damage per stack. Only ticks when moving. Removed if you stand still for 10 seconds.
  • Glittering Sparks: Now more sparkly, reducing movement speed by 40%
  • Kinetic Bombs: Drop like rocks instead of beach balls.

Blood Queen Lana’thel introduced:

  • Stuff hits harder.

At the end of it all, we ended up just giving up on Blood Prince council. For whatever reason it wasn’t working out, so we decided to move on. Effectively soaking/absorbing the Empowered Flame Orbs and handling the Kinetic Bombs was the most difficult combination.  I think we know what we want to do, there was just a lot on our plate and didn’t want to waste any more time being frustrated. Grouping up a bit better ahead of time would have helped us to avoid stranded DPS/Healers trying to kite a bomb and exploding from Prison stacks.

Angrier Poo-Poos and More Pungent Blights

Rotface and Festergut fall into the trap of DPS being able to cancel out their mechanics. The addition of Vile Gas would be difficult to deal with, but it just didn’t do enough damage to put anyone in significant danger. We lost 2 DPS through the course of the fight and still managed a kill.  The nerf to the Mutated Infection spawns was probably a bit early because I think this fight could have been made a ton more challenging if they came out faster.

Festergut is the same fight, so it doesn’t warrant a ton of discussion. We took a similar approach to a lot of guilds and tanked him on the opposite side of the room. The difference was we arranged the raid so we formed a line perpendicular to Putricide’s throw direction. We eliminated basically all of the Malleable Goo hits this way.

Heal Her Face Off

Dreamwalker, wow, where to begin.

First pull: 48%. Insanity. We knew about the changes to the Emerald Dream (making it the Emerald Nightmare), but were unaware of the importance of healing your ass off before going into the portal to actually stay above 50%. The DPS on the outside were dumbfounded “Why is she still at 55%, we’ve been fighting for 3 minutes!” Working out an effective strategy to collect all of the orbs wasn’t only important for our healing, but also to reduce the damage done to her as much as possible.

The next hurdle is definitely keeping yourself alive while floating in the Emerald Nightmare. It isn’t difficult, but you do have to be aware of how much damage a 20 stack of the debuff really does to you.  For me, Riptide and an occasional LHW kept me plenty safe.  Healing with a Holy Paladin partner certainly helped and, dare I say, is necessary learning-curve wise.  We (i.e. mostly Kro) crushed the last 20%.

If someone from the add team wants to comment on any new specifics, feel free to add them below. I spent most of my time looking at the big green lizard.I do know that we made an effort to drag all of the mobs toward the center for better interrupting/melee DPS.

Our kill ended up being shorter than a lot of our ~60% wipes. As soon as the healers got their portal stuff straight the fight felt very winnable and was over soon after.

Storming the Citadel

Not a whole lot to comment on regarding the first 3 bosses (other than I was dead for most of the first two kills). I’m not sure I would go so far as to say they are harder than Lich King 10 Normal, but they aren’t harder than him. Both Marrowgarr and Deathwhisper are slightly jucier versions of their Normal Mode counterparts. Deathwhisper adds the fun of Mind Control to the fight. It also spawns one additional add in Phase 2, but this becomes little more than a nuisance.

Deathwhisper: Have someone ready to deal with MC’s. DPS that get Mind Controlled turn into raging hulkomaniacs that are lookin’ to put some hurtin’ on you, brother.

Gunship Battle: They missed the boat on this one.

Deathbringer Saurfang: Ten man groups made up of 25 man raiders might have seen a mark if two DPS went AFK and a tank fell asleep in normal mode. Now, assigning healers to deal with marks and effectively managing the Blood Beasts is something that will be unique to your raid comp.

  • Shaman Healer: Handle Melee Marks, Paladin Healer: Handle Ranged/Healer Marks
  • 2 Ranged DPS + 1 Melee Stun/Nuke the Left add
  • Prot Warrior Tank Stuns right add, Warlock DPS’s it to get aggro. When Scent of Blood is cast, the warlock can use his teleport to kite the add as the other two ranged DPS switch over and finish it.

Again, you’ll have to organize your DPS on them for your set of DPSers. Just remember, everything removes the snare from Scent of Blood. Everything.

Effective use of BOP can eliminate/cleanse Boiling Blood and protect Mark of the Fallen Champion targets if they are in danger.  From a healer’s point of view, I found that I could really pace my heals to have a decent stock going into sub 30 %. When we got there I was able to pop Heroism and basically spam until he died.

Drakes are in sight!

Next week our goal is going to be finishing off the last 3 hard modes (Putricide, Blood Prince Council, Sindragosa) and cleaning up as many remaining achievements as we can. Hopefully we’ll be riding new Frost Wyrms soon.


4 Responses to Icecrown 10 (Kinda) Hard Modes: Round 1

  1. izellah says:

    Adds in Valirhria hardmode weren’t any different, in fact I’d wager they were easier, because of how much faster “phase 2” is once you tick her over 70% (75%?) with all the stacks you two had.

  2. pewter says:

    Ouch, that Council sounds insane! Good luck with the frost wyrms!

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  4. […] I detailed in my last entry (sometime around the great depression), we had problems with the Council and they were many. To […]

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