Digging Up Treasure: Sigs and Banners

Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes.  Art is knowing which ones to keep–Scott Adams

For a long time when I started raiding in school, my big hobby was messing with Photoshop and the WoW Model viewer. It was a neat creative outlet to really mess with my characters and put them in interesting gear that I hoped to have some day (or didn’t exist!).

That eventually morphed into creating some fancy forum signatures for myself and guild members, and eventually, the random (very outdated) banner-set over at bloodredmoon.org. Recently I opened my photobucket account back up and dug out some of my all time favorites (Sovelis, Borsk, and Viktur are my characters):




Haela 1





Lady Vashj



Vashj Kill

Forum Signatures

As a footnote, an old quotegasm from OOA that brings back a lot of memories of the old days when I first started raiding.


2 Responses to Digging Up Treasure: Sigs and Banners

  1. Eranthe says:

    Can I have a banner? They’re so cool looking! 😦

  2. Talirrine says:

    I think we should update the officer banners …
    But, since I can’t do it, all I can offer is some bribery. Maybe … some KRPc?

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