Borsk on the air, Patch 3.3.5, jacket on, jacket off

Totem RecallComing up in the middle of next month, July 13th to be exact, I’ll be making an appearance on‘s Shaman Round Table (dubbed Totem Recall).

There’s some rather high profile Shaman community members on the panel, so I’m anxious to exchange thoughts/opinions with them about the upcoming expansion and current raid content.

I encourage everyone to submit questions and tune in to the show when it goes live (or download it to help burn some time at work).

Here’s a quick blurb on the event:

Totem Recall – The Warcraft Shaman round table featuring members of the WoW community.

On July 13th the Raid Warning crew will be joined by some of the biggest names behind the Elemental, Enhancement, and Restoration specs. They will be answering your questions, comments, phonecalls, and emails while kicking back and having a few laughs.

Want to get involved?

Submit your questions for Totem Recall on our Epic Advice thread and vote for your favorites to be answered on the show!

Questions can also be submitted via email (, or call The Raid Warning Rant Line at 707-602-RANT (7268)

The brave souls appearing on this edition of Totem Recall:

Joe “Lodur” Perez of and World of Matticus
Rich “Stoneybaby” Maloy of and Big Crits
Borsk of Borsked
Jhaman of Castaclysm
Pewter of MentalShaman

Patch 3.3.5

Halion will have to wait a week for the Euro/Asian/Oceanic servers to open up, and the way the maintenance has been going today, that was probably smart. Who knows how long it’s going to take to straighten all this out. For the patch notes just wander on over to MMO-Champion and check out all the details on Halion, his loot, and the new Real ID feature.

Speaking of Real ID, Stop pretty much sums up my thoughts on the subject.Chill out, everyone. [The Stoppable Force]

We used it pretty extensively (including the Facebook invite feature) while beta testing StarCraft 2 and it was really convenient for that game, so its integration into WoW is going to be nice when both games are running concurrently.

AVR Reminder

It ain’t gonna work no more. Back to using your brain on Rotface and Blood Prince Council. Also, don’t forget to pull your Sindragosa diagrams back out.

Summer Movies

It’s summer time, you might be bored, these are movies you must spend your hard earned dollars and cents on:

  1. Toy Story 3
  2. Karate Kid
  3. Inception, 7/16/10
  4. The A-Team

Pretty obvious choices there, but I’m putting my seal-of-approval on them as movies that will definitely entertain you in the theatre.


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