Banner Day

Now that I’ve finally gotten around to finishing them all, it’s time to show them off!

The latest batch of officer banners currently in rotation over at Blood Red are displayed below (click to see full-size). Each banner is styled as uniquely as I possibly can, some are inspired by other pieces of art or just takeoffs of what Blizzard has already done. Photoshop and WowModelViewer magic.

Borsk riding Deathwing

Izellah, inspired by Miho

Talirrine, inspired by Kill Bill

Trickytrout, Duck Hunter

Daphne, the engineer

Talisman, inspired by 300

Panelli, inspired by Vash’jir concept art

Kro, inspired by Darwin


3 Responses to Banner Day

  1. Those are damn sexy! Very nicely done. I love the last one, just find it amusing. 😀

  2. Tlazy says:

    I like the aquatic theme you went for with Panelli’s. I also really like the high contrast and strong lines of Talirrine’s. I think the other ones I might have seen before on the BRM site, so they don’t stick out to me as much (though theyre all quite wonderful!). Cheers hun, great work!

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