Borsk in WoW

“People who die don’t get to have fun.”

I wasn’t always a raid leader.

Borsk is my second main. Geared in Zul’Aman bear runs and fire tested at the peak of Black Temple before the Illidari Council and Lord Illidan Stormrage. My WoW career spans over four years, and my raid leading career almost spans that entire time period. Being the raid leader of the late guild and now the current Raid Leader/Guild Master of on the Zul’jin server has been an interesting and exciting time as both a human and a gamer. I’ve been privileged to raid lead the longest standing raiding guild on Zul’jin and also (currently) the strongest Alliance side raiding guild. I keep a small stable of alts (currently Sove, an assassination spec rogue), but most of my time is spent inside raiding instances on Borsk.


About this Blog

First, I ignore the existence of PvP. If it was removed from the game tomorrow, I wouldn’t notice and I would exhibit little more than a cold smile at the news. My PvP days ended when I achieved rank 11 (Commander) in the Vanilla WoW PvP system on my warrior Novelis. At times I may complain about PvP’s balance intruding upon my blessed care-bear PvE ground, but other than that, if you are a fan of PvP, this will not be the blog for you.

What you will find are my thoughts on raid leading, WoW in general as it relates to raiding, and general shaman and healer talk. Expect a lot of random pop culture references and links mixed in with these things as well, and hopefully, I manage to help you be a little less productive at work or class today.


Every week I co-host a podcast sponsored by World of Matticus on the very topics this blog is all about: healing, raid leading, and guild leading.

“Borsked,” a word all raid leaders should fear

Enjoy your time and feel free to drop comments and complaints in my gmail box. I welcome any and all feedback and comments, so don’t be shy about providing either.




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