Hidden Hard Modes

Hidden Hard Modes (HHM) is a series dedicated to those bosses you see outside of the game. The bosses you need to kill just to make it into an instance and before you even kill one boss.

Borsk, hidden hard modes? Does this mean that there really is a boss behind that door if you take a left at Sister Svalna?”

Not exactly, but you’re welcome to try running into the wall until it opens! Raiding guilds across the globe formulate strategies and tactics for taking down raid bosses. When you look at an achievement list, that’s what you see. You get a list of what they killed, what loot they got, and how many times they’ve done it.

If these were the only bosses raiding guilds had to kill, everyone would be done with Hard Mode ICC25 by now (ICC10 man at least). It turns out that there are a lot of other fights you don’t see.  Raid Leaders and Officers battle other, hidden, bosses on a nightly and weekly basis.

Unfortunately these folks don’t have many places to go and watch a video (with techno music!) portraying, for example, an effective recruitment post. The only way they truly get a sense of how to handle these “encounters” is to see them, probably slip up, and then gain a lesson learned for next time. — HHM: Introduction


Recruitment is one of the most talked about and debated guild relations topics out there. Nearly every guild is recruiting someone. So if everyone is doing it, how do you stand out and/or be effective in pulling in quality players? Guides on the details of making an “effective recruitment post” are only useful to a certain point. Recruitmentface goes beyond hoping for recruits and details where to find the best apps for your guild and how to formulate what it is you actually need to recruit (not just the generic “exceptional players” category).


Attendancegut details how and why low attendance nights happen and what really gets raiders to log on and work for that next progression boss. How should you go about handling a night called due to attendance and what’s the best way to prepare yourself against overreaction to those that are absent. It’s no coincidence that this ties in closely with Recruitmentface.

Lord Moralegar (Turning raiding momentum in your favor)

Morale and confidence within a raid are strange animals. In one moment you can effortlessly defeat anything placed in front of you, and with one wipe at a low percent you’re struggling wipe after wipe, for seemingly no reason. Lord Moraelgar will give you tips on taking the momentum you’ve gained in a raid night (or raid week) and turning it directly into progress.


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