Raid Flavors I. Sampling the Ice Cream Citadel.

5 March, 2010

“It’s not just the scheme we use. It’s the players.”-Dick LeBeau

Strategy. Practice. Execution.

These are the three steps when approaching any raid boss.  The strategy is given out, you wipe (sometimes a lot), and then you win (strategy executed).  For every guild out there, there are an equal variation of structures and guild makeups.  Picking out the features of a particular guild is like making choices at the Cold Stone Creamery.

So you’re using Loot Council, have 4 officers, 2 raiding ranks, and only one raid leader.  Would you like chocolate with jimmies and some marshmallow fluff in a chocolate-dipped waffle cone? (mmm chocolate).

When you back up to the 50,000 ft level, however, you’ll see that raids themselves are generally run under a very small set of specific patterns (or flavors, if you will).

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