Cataclysm’s Fantastic Four

1 February, 2011

Don’t think. FEEL. It’s like a finger-pointing at the moon. Do not concentrate on the finger or you will miss all of the heavenly glory! — Bruce Lee

With a day off to literally do nothing in-game, I had a little bit of time to reflect on normal mode Tier 11. We still have plenty of farming time on it to go as we progress through heroic mode Tier 11, but we’re done with it.

There have been a lot of Negative Neds and Nancys out there hating on Wow 4.0, but I want to put a different spin on it.

In these past four weeks, there has been a lot of time to explore the newness of Cataclysm and settle into the 4th era of WarCraft. With so much content, some might find it hard to pick out the best parts of the expansion just one month in, but I’m selfish and 99% right, 100% of the time, so let’s have at it!

Let’s see how random we can mark these points

1. Guild Leveling/Perks/Reputation/Achievements

I’m doing this one first because I want to state up front how wrong I was about this featureĀ  (I said 99% right, don’t judge me). Before Cataclysm, guilds were simply an angle-bracketed Ominous Latin Name or Abstract Noun. The only significant source of togetherness was a cropped screenshot after a boss-kill with that same guild name on it.

Now with guild leveling and reputation, all the players in the guild (from officer to friends & family) can contribute to the progression of the guild. Raiders in the guild contribute inside of the instance, but the quests, dungeons, and battlegrounds that the more casual members complete also contribute to the guild experience pool.

Giving a tangible goal to everyone in a guild grants ownership of that goal to every member. The guild rewards are insignificant in the grand scheme of things. Most of them are just another pet or mount, but there are others that everyone can benefit from. Gold from looting put into the bank which can then be used for repairs (we have guild repairs turned on for everyone, all the time).

Remote access to the guild bank, experience and reputation boosts, and honor bonuses. If you contribute something, anything, you will reap the rewards.It encourages folks to stick with a guild and build it into something meaningful. The bonuses to reputation/experience given to guild instance groups help build camaraderie through cooperation.

As a friends and family member or retired raider, the fact that guild status was previously only tied to raid progression had you feeling like a passenger. Now you can give something as well, and that can only mean good things.

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HHM: Attendancegut

22 March, 2010

“It’s a reliable source of information. 50,000 unstoppable watts”–Clutch

Hidden Hard Modes (HHM) is a series dedicated to those bosses you see outside of the game. The bosses you need to kill just to make it into an instance and before you even kill one boss. This feature will be archived in it’s own page for easy access after it runs it’s course.

It’s 7:55 PM.

You left work in a frenzy, frantically closing windows and sending out the last two emails of the day. Your computer just wouldn’t log off and…ah damn it! security patch, this will be another 5 minutes. Every single light on the way home turned red just as you got there as old ladies get in front of you for a near flawless execution of stalling glory.

The front tires of your car hit the driveway and you’re already unbuckling your seat belt. The paper is still sitting on the front porch, the mail still in the box with the flag up. Your dog is barking it’s head off because you left him in his crate by mistake

There’s no time to spare, invites are in 5 minutes. We’re going after the Lich King tonight!

Everything is in order. The dog is fed and let out, you have your drink, your dinner, you’re ready to kick some ass and take names. You’ve probably never entered your authenticator code this fast in a long time. The character select screen pops up with your Night Elf staring back at you with the look of “where the hell have you been? Let’s go kick some undead ass!” But wait, there’s probably a new version of DBM out, so you go and grab that real quick so you have no reason to log out unexpectedly and miss your invite.

Finally, you get back into the game and pick your toon, anxiously watching the loading bar fill up. That last twinge of adrenaline shoots through you as you hear the sound of your character logging in.

It’s time.

But there are only 19 people logged in.

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