Banner Day

17 July, 2010

Now that I’ve finally gotten around to finishing them all, it’s time to show them off!

The latest batch of officer banners currently in rotation over at Blood Red are displayed below (click to see full-size). Each banner is styled as uniquely as I possibly can, some are inspired by other pieces of art or just takeoffs of what Blizzard has already done. Photoshop and WowModelViewer magic.

Borsk riding Deathwing

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Digging Up Treasure: Sigs and Banners

25 March, 2010

Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes.  Art is knowing which ones to keep–Scott Adams

For a long time when I started raiding in school, my big hobby was messing with Photoshop and the WoW Model viewer. It was a neat creative outlet to really mess with my characters and put them in interesting gear that I hoped to have some day (or didn’t exist!).

That eventually morphed into creating some fancy forum signatures for myself and guild members, and eventually, the random (very outdated) banner-set over at Recently I opened my photobucket account back up and dug out some of my all time favorites (Sovelis, Borsk, and Viktur are my characters):




Haela 1





Lady Vashj


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