Strength of Win

5 April, 2010

Temper gets you into trouble. Pride keeps you there.–Unknown

Nearly 5 weeks into the era of the zone-wide Icecrown buff, I’ve taken some time to reflect on how it has truly affected the way that raids are run and the affect it has on progression.


Icecrown Citadel is a series of glass ceilings. There are many guilds bumping their heads trying to break through each of them right now:

  • Sindragosa
  • Lich King
  • (H) Gunship/Marrowgar/Rotface/Council/Dreamwalker/Festergut/Blood Queen
  • (H) Deathwhisper/Saurfang
  • (H) Sindragosa
  • (H) Putricide
  • (H) Lich King

The timeline currently allows guilds 4 weeks to break through each ceiling on their own. After that, the buff will increase and nudge them through. This was evident on our server this week as several guilds broke through barrier 2 and 3 above to step up. Across all servers, everyone moved up together. Our US and world ranks changed very little, which is another indicator of just how granular the skill level is among guilds.

If you’re killing it, chances are everyone else at your level is also killing it.

We like to think that our accomplishments occur in a vacuum, but they don’t. Our accomplishments are grand, and often times astounding for the server that we play on. This is why many of us focus on intra-server progression┬ámore so┬áthan World or even US rankings. It’s a way for us to get good, fair comparison.

The guilds on your server are using the same forums, same pool of recruits, and have the same server culture. It’s also nice to actually pass your competition on the way to the instance and not have them be some mystical number and fancy name on a website.

Srength of Wrynn has ferried along everyone very nicely, allowing us to progress at a steady pace without doing the work for us. The final goals of Icecrown Progression are very clear:

  1. Glory of the Icecrown Raider (25 Player)
  2. Realm First! Light of Dawn
  3. Leveling Gear

Everyone where we are (in the 8/12, 9/12 heroic mode range) has a high enough raid-gear level to complete the instance. Blizzard only made 4 277 tier tokens available per week (and only 2 of those being realistically accessible). Expecting your entire raid to be decked out in best in slot gear to complete the instance would be folly.

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Behind the Screenshot: Fel-Missed

1 April, 2010

A look to the past as we explore what built up to and resulted from some of the most interesting boss kills I’ve been apart of.

Quick decisions are unsafe decisions-Sophocles

Edit: Video added!

Everyone remembers Sunwell right? It was a magical land of milk, honey, joy, and joyness. Where the beer flowed like wine and the epics rained down from the heavens like April in Seattle. It was a simpler time, a–wait no, we’re talking about Sunwell? The Sunwell. The same instance that Blizzard famously asserted was far too difficult.

We didn’t know any better. We were just a hard-nosed group of hardcore raiders looking for something to raid after Illidan met his demise. The encounters in Sunwell were intense, cinematic, and presented challenges that no one had ever thought possible in a raid instance.

From the demon world of Kalecgos to the dueling Fire and Shadow Eredar, every step along the way was a test of mental toughness. Raid Leaders were forced to make wild swings in composition adjustments from one boss to the next (and there were only six!). Substandard classes were sat outside on buff duty to prep the brave raiders who had the cajones to enter and face these bosses. One such boss, the third in the instance, Felmyst; a blue dragon struck down by the mighty Brutallus and resurrected with his demonic essence.

Felmyst was a challenge. In raid composition, tactics, and the raid leader’s ability to make lightning quick decisions that decided the fate of the entire raid. In just mere seconds, that decision could be the difference between a wipe or a kill.

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Smelly Pixel Dragon

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